Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Alpine Incline

Alpine, WA October 9, 2011.

The University of Washington Lee Pickett collection has this interesting photo, the description reads "Men and logs on railroad car, Snohomish County, ca. 1913."

The Alpine Lumber Company had three men employed on the incline crew in 1917. We know the Alpine logging railroad was down the hill from the mill, some of the grade is still visible near the Tye River. Presumably the logs would be unloaded from the train, maybe near Alpine Falls, then hauled up this incline to the mill.

A few years ago I walked up the hill past the residential area of Alpine and photographed the mountains north of town, looking north across the valley. Compare the color photo with the 1913 photo, the mountains in both photos appear to match pretty closely. So it looks like this incline was just down the hill from Alpine. If you look at the old photo carefully there seems to be evidence of a recent fire, some of the trees are black and on the right there is no brush or vegetation on the ground.

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