Monday, October 10, 2011

Alpine Visit October 10

Alpine, WA October 10, 2011.

Donna and I went to Alpine on Monday, we wanted to have a look around the shingle mill. We started on the north side, marked by the red arrow.

Here is the concrete thing we assume was the base for a steam engine to run the shingle machine. We started digging down the hill below this.

We figured a lot of stuff had been thrown off the platform down the hill, we were not disappointed. This spoke thing was our first find, along with dozens of nails, wire insulators, and broken light bulbs.

I was hoping to find a bunch of cedar sawdust on the side of the hill, it was there in a petrified state. You can see a clump of it, marked by the X. The arrow shows the location of the steam engine base up the hill.

Our prize: a genuine Alpine Lumber Company shingle. It was covered by a large piece of sheet metal, protecting it from the elements.

After working in the rain for about four hours, we headed back to camp, fed and watered the animals and had some dinner.

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