Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, April 30

Alpine, WA April 30, 2011.
There were about nine of us that met in Skykomish this morning, we convoyed to Alpine and stopped at Alpine Falls to look around for a few minutes. The wide spot along Highway 2 where we parked was the location of  The House of Souvenier.

We then began the ten minute journey up the hill to Alpine.

Moments after arriving in Alpine we were greeted by a train. Donna never fails to get locomotive engineers to sound the horn.

Donna and I decided to explore the hill east of the mill. We parked the car just about where the box car is in this picture.

We found nothing of interest but a bird skull.

There were some good views from the top of the hill, this is looking east. You can see the old Great Northern grade across the valley, indicated by the line of cottonwood trees growing on the right of way.

Looking west, the mill was located on the lower left, near where the white car is parked. Some houses and the school were in the clearing in the center of the picture.

Here is a 1913 photo showing the mill and town looking west from the hill, a little bit lower than the modern photo.

Composite image of the 1913 photo and 2011 photo.

Continuing down the north side of the hill, there appeared to be a narrow cut where maybe logs were yarded up the hill.

Nearby was a piece of wire wrapped around a stump.

This band saw blade was a couple of hundred feet north of the mill.

After about two hours in this area we moved up the hill across the tracks. We poked around there until about 4 o'clock and found some shoes and bottles on the east side of Carroll Creek.

Keesha taking a break.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alpine Visit April 30

Alpine, WA April 17, 2011.

I will be writing about our Alpine expedition on April 30, today I have some pictures of the mill and town. If you are going to be there on the 30th, be sure and study Tim's website before you go.

Some pictures of Alpine in April/May of 2010 are on my website

If you happen to be at Alpine before the 30th, feel free to leave some comments on this blog. Thank you.

Great Northern Railway plan of Alpine in 1922.

The School

Looking west from above the mill. The town and lumber company were named Nippon when this photo was made.

The Great Northern depot. The school is in the background.

The depot.

Train crossing Bridge No. 405A.

Looking east from the depot.

You can see Carroll Creek in the center, beyond the water tank. There do not appear to be any houses on the east side of the creek in this photo, but in May 2010 we found evidence of a few buildings on the hill above the tracks.

Looking west toward the depot.

Alpine mill in 1925.

Alpine school students in 1925.

Woods crew in 1912.

Nippon Lumber Company mill 1912.

Nippon Lumber Company mill 1912.

Nippon Lumber Company employees 1912.

Alpine Lumber Company mill.

14th Annual Banquet.