Thursday, June 23, 2011

Carl Clemans and Family

Today I was in Snohomish and stopped by the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery to locate the grave of Carl Clemans, patriarch of the Alpine Lumber Company. Tim had been there a few years ago and gave me directions; drive past the office and on the gravel road, to the left. I was pretty close but was unable to find the markers so I called Tim for more detailed directions. Look around the maple tree he said.

Ah, there they are.

On the right: Carl Lane Clemans Jr. Feb. 28, 1907 - Jan. 1, 1908
Carl Lane Clemans 1873 - 1941
Harriet Smith Clemans 1878 - 1961

The Clemans family lived in Snohomish, at 315 Avenue C.


  1. Hello,

    I am trying to trace our family history and I think a lot of it is tied to the Clemens family. My grandfather was Charles Gibbons Flanagan Jr. His mother was Gertrude Clemans. She was daughter of a Hugh and Maria Clemans. (?) There are Calhouns mixed in there as well and some Owens.

    Also, my grandfather married someone named Ruth Cleveland and had a daughter, Aurelia, before he married Bertha May Colburn and my mother was born, Geraldine Flanagan.

    Do you know a good contact or source for the geneology up there? I believe Hugh Clemans was part of the Nippon Lumber Company. One of my greatgrandmothers brothers was Carl Lane Clemans of Stanford football fame.

    1. Lucy, Matt asked me to contact you. I don't know if any Clemans descendants do geneology or not. I have left a voice mail for Mike Clemans. I will send an email to Mark Peterson. Mark is a great-grandson of Carl Clemans. I think Mike is descended from Howard Clemans.

      You may contact me at 425 670 8167, or at There is also an Alpine, WA facebook page, and a web site. I think Matt has links to them from this blog.

      I hope we may help your search.

      Tim Raetzloff

  2. I am a clemans. My great grandfathers name was orlo clemans. I am wondering if anyone knows his relation to the other clemans in the area. My dad said orlos father was a logger and died in an accident at a mill but doesn't know much else about him. So he was raised primarily by his mother at logging camps in Oregon and Washington.