Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alpine Visit May 22

Alpine, WA May 22, 2011.

On Sunday we wanted to see if there were any remains of the water tank shown on the 1927 map. A.F.E. 11554 2-28-1920, a 50,000 gallon tank 60 feet from center of the track.

We scored huge.

On the right you can see the supply main from the creek, a 6" wire wound wood pipe.

We spent some time digging around the saw mill foundation.

This light bulb was under a piece of metal.

A Patterson's Tuxedo Tobacco tin was a few feet away from the light bulb. It was completely covered with tar that probably inhibited corrosion.

Donna found this concrete thing east of the saw mill. It measures 26" x 84" and has six anchor bolts on top.

It is in the vicinity of the shingle mill, a small building, 25' x 28'. The south side was 122' from the tracks. Our concrete thing was 125' from the tracks.

Looking west, the saw mill was about 200' in the distance.

The concrete block is down the bank, about 10 feet below the tip of the arrow. The red line is the approximate location of the Alpine Lumber Company railroad spur. There was a platform extending about 40 feet from the railroad spur, over the bank. Photo was taken near the tracks next to the signal.

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